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Multiplayer Arcade FPS. Play against bots or friends. Or both. 2 teams, 4 classes, each with their own unique weapons, controls and tactics.

Crasy Brick Destroyer

Crazy Brick Destroyer available on your iPad. Crazy Brick Destroyer is port of my other game Arcanoid++ Very slow at the start game will not only get faster each level, but have lots of trick and twists along the way.


There is two worlds connected together by invisible, incomprehensible, inconceivable force. Collect all singularities to overcome adverse effects this world's have to each other.

Fifi's Space Program

As the best pilot in whole quadrant, you are assigned to the mission - rescue strangled fifis and bring them home...

Fork Truck Chalenge

Ever wanted to drive a fork truck? Lift heavy weight with mighty machine? Then this game is for you. Challenge yourself by performing quick and accurate deliveries, gain points and became the ultimate fork trucker.

Genius! at Math

Train your brain to spot mathematical errors. Select true or false and progress as fast as possible. Solve at least 10 problems to go to the next level. The faster you solve - the more points you collect. Power-ups enabled.

Need for Sweet

Racing and candy? Sounds like fun! This all age racing game. Coming soon to Steam.

Ocean Explorer

Very simple game where you exploring ocean floor, fighting pollution and researching a strange swimming objects.

Road Rage Crash

Casual 3D Racing Arcade. Rage your way through traffic to the victory. Control your awesome sport car through traffic to successfully complete missions, collect boost packs and avoid police and have fun.

Round Pong

Forget everything you think you knew about pong. Get your score by hitting the ball. Don't let your opponent do the same. Lose 3 balls and you're out.

Sand Castle Destroyer 2

You are monster if you are breaking other people things, even if they put only a little effort whatsoever. You have 1 minute to destroy as many sand castles as you can.

Shape Rave

This is fast-paced psychedelic rave hectically crazy arcade. Navigate your way around flashy tunnel. Goal of the game is to collect as many shapes as possible. You can do this only if you "are" the same shape.

Space Explorer

After intense fight with Ixtonan avanpost you are returning back home. You almost there when your last solar panel broke off. Fuel and oxygen are fine, but without power that will be the end of you...

TV Top

This is 1-2 player game where you score by... you will figure it out. Play against AI (Robot :D ) or against friend. Download version for you operating system, adjust microphone and speakers and have a blast.

Unfair Checkers

Checkers with a twist. Last one on the board - wins.


You are last chemical element to be discovered, but once founded, people may destroy the universe by improper use. Avoid detection by dragging around this test chamber.


Rescue the villagers from sudden volcano eruption. We need brave people like you to tackle the disaster.